Authorities in standoff after chasing vehicle in Diamond Bar – KTLA Los Angeles

Authorities were in a standoff Tuesday afternoon after chasing a driver wanted for a crash involving a deputy in the Walnut area, officials said.

Sky5 was above the chase as the red sedan made its way to Diamond Bar around 3:55 p.m. and several Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department vehicles followed close behind.

The red vehicle made contact with a number of cars as it tried to get away from deputies.

After zooming past an intersection, the driver hit additional vehicles that were stopped at a light, eventually halting after crashing head-on into a silver vehicle.

The silver vehicle first stopped, then drove out of the immediate area.

The front of the red car appeared to have sustained damage.

At least eight patrol vehicles pulled up behind the red car with officers’ guns drawn, while the driver remained inside. The standoff continued for at least an hour.

The driver was wanted for a traffic collision involving a deputy, according to the Sheriff’s Department. It was not yet clear if authorities were in pursuit before the collision, or if it was a result of the collision.

The driver and deputies were still in a standoff when Sky5 left the scene at 5:35 p.m.

Check back for updates to this developing story.

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