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Affiliate Marketing – How To Generate Opt-In Lists

email marketing

If you are like I was, you would like to have a list of customers, how do I get them? How do I get them to buy my product? How do I keep them coming?

If you are struggling with these type of questions, I would like to help you.

There are many ways to get customers, some are expensive, and some are free. You want to start with free methods, those are SEO, PPC, article marketing. Learn all you can about these types of marketing, and get comfortable using them.

2. How to find prospects

If you are new to marketing, you will need to build your trust with your prospects, build their confidence in you, and get them to purchase from you. The best way to do this, is offer them a free product, that is in exchange for their email address, then you can follow up with great marketing tips and info.

3. How to capture email addresses

The great thing about email is that you can capture names over and over again, you will also be able to contact them over and over again. For email marketing you can use opt in boxes, or auto responders, or by offering to send them free products in exchange for their email address.

4. How to send emails

You need to build a list of opt in subscribers, or you will have a lot of unsubscribed emails, which will waste your time and our money. For email marketing you will send emails to your list over and over again, you will want to make sure that you get their consent to send emails to them on a regular basis. The important thing here is consent, you will need to get their consent to send emails to them on a regular basis.

To make sure that you don’t burn your fingers you will want to save your themes, and send your emails in batches, and not all at once.

* Email subject line should contain reasons you want to subscribe to this list, what you have to offer in exchange for subscribers.

* In the first email, you will need to ask them for consent to send emails to them, and on the consent page have to ask them if they would like to receive emails from you, or not.

To get their consent you will need to have their email addresses because your autoresponder will need to send these emails to their email addresses. After you have their email addresses you will need to build your list of opt-ins, and you will send your emails to them in sequence.

* Before sending the second email, you will want to ask them again, to confirm that they would like to receive emails from you, and have to ask them again.

Repeat step 3 for the 2nd batch, and repeat this process for the 4th batch. The purpose of the sequence is to ensure that you only send your emails to the list when they have opted into your list. If they have opted in, you will have their email address to send them emails in a sequence.

* Be honest about your emails, and be sure that you offer something in exchange for their email address. Don’t use the word FREE in the subject line, because people will think that it is a scam.

You will want to offer something useful for people, and have them subscribe to your list, and you will want to send them valuable information in exchange for their email address. You will use the 3 steps above to build a list of opt-ins.

Once you have the opt-in, you will send you to follow up emails, and in the first email, you will introduce yourself, and the main topic of your follow up email will be about your hobby, or special interest, for example, “My hobby is…”, or “I collect vintage toys” or “I collect vintage dolls”, or “I love…”, or “My partner collects vintage dolls”. This is important because you will want to keep them coming back to your list.

You will then reiterate some of the things that you have promised in the first email, and in the second email you will have some information that they have asked for, and in the third email, you will tell them that they will soon receive an email from you.

So now you have a list of people who have given you their email addresses, and you will now send the follow up email.

When the fourth email comes, you will either have the option of sending them free software, or you will send them a coupon for a product, or you may send them a valuable gift.

The purpose of the fourth email is so that you have sent them three emails, and you will now offer them an incentive.

These emails will be effective because you will be building trust with your subscribers, and they will now feel that you are trustworthy and have a possible solution for their problem. Once they have trusted you, they will follow your recommendations.

To be sure that you have built a solid relationship with your list, you will send only one email a week, and you will only recommend products that you are already using or that you would be willing to recommend to them. And if you have a free product, you will make sure that the free product is awesome.

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