About Me

My name is Rick White, I am an entrepreneur, online marketer, business owner and a proud father and grandfather.

Where my story started, I have always worked in the corporate world, in management positions. I am a financial professional by trade, I guess you could say. I have always worked with the public and was always marketing myself.

I was involved in the online market, part time for several years. But a few years ago I made the decision to take the leap and do it full time. It has taken several years of learning and gaining knowledge in this profession. I call it a profession because that is what it is. I take this seriously, because it is my business and real business that I am building.

My goals is to help others as much as I can, providing real tools and procedures to become successful. I know how hard it is, and I detest those that try and push scams on others to make a buck. We are all in this to profit, but you can only do that by treating everyone honestly and with respect.

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